Labeling, 2015

Label other than standard labels not specified

In Maine, there is no specific classification for youth who commit status offenses, however, legislation in the Maine Juvenile Code allows a law enforcement officer to take a juvenile runaway into interim care (temporary physical control).

Age boundaries, 2016

  • Status offense jurisdiction

    Up through 17 years old

    No lower age specified

  • Delinquency jurisdiction

    Up through 17 years old

    No lower age specified

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In Maine, no lower age is specified for certain “juvenile crimes” that, for an adult, would be considered legal conduct. The highest age a child’s conduct could be considered a status offense is 17. Qualifying conduct includes some drug and alcohol offenses and other "juvenile crimes" because DOC commitment and confinement is prohibited. 15 M.R.S.A. § 3101, 3103

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