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Tribal delinquency jurisdiction, 2016

  • State (mandatory)

  • State (other)

  • Federal

  • Not applicable

Arizona is not a PL280 state, but was an "optional" P.L. 280 state, related to air and water pollution that has since been repealed. No other statute was located that grants the state jurisdiction over tribal delinquency matters, but the AZ Department of Juvenile Corrections has a Tribal Consultation Policy 1301.12 with the Department of Juvenile Corrections. Also see the AZ Governor’s Office of Tribal Relations.

Monitoring data

  • N/A: Insufficient data to compute arrest rates
  • * Rates used to compute ratio based on fewer than 10 observations
  • † White detained rate is 0

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Indicator data, 2017

May report indicator data to the federal juvenile justice agency, but not publicly available.

DMC assessment

May provide an assessment to the federal juvenile justice agency, but not publicly available.

DMC coordinators

DMC coordinator 2012 2015 2016
Full-time state-level DMC coordinator
Part-time or other state-level staff

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