Judicial selection, 2022

  • Elected

  • Appointed

  • Combination

Judicial specialization, 2022

  • All mixed case types

  • Mostly mixed

  • Mostly specialized

Caseload assignment, 2022

  • Mixed assignment methods

  • Individual discretion

  • Statute/State court rules

Judicial experience, training, and tools, 2022

  • Qualification Requirements

  • Required Annual Training

  • Required Risk/Need Assessments and Pre-Dispositional Reports

  • Juvenile Justice Bench Books

Courtroom shackling, 2015

No statewide restriction

Competency, 2015

Mississippi has no competency provisions in the juvenile code of statutes or Youth Court Rule that specifically mentions juvenile competency, but some indirect protections exist (effective legal representation, judicial acceptance of youth admissions, notice when intending to enter an insanity defense, etc.) There are also (adult) penal code provisions that state “when any person charged with…delinquency and brought before [any] judge and it appears the person was insane upon commission and is still insane; or when a person with an intellectual disability to such an extent as not to be responsible for the act… must remand the prisoner to custody and report the case to chancery court (for mental illness/intellectual disability proceedings). Those before the circuit court facing felonious indictments can be ordered for evaluation of…his ability to make a defense.

  • No juvenile standard

  • Juvenile standard is the adult standard

  • Juvenile justice standard exists

  • JJ standard includes developmental immaturity

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